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At CD Rhino, we’re passionate about CD’s. Through the years we have kept our focus on those beautiful silver and gold discs. CD’s bring forth that great crisp and clear sound that any music aficionado can appreciate.Vinyl maybe be back but in our ears we still say that, “CD’s Rule”.

Your Home For Brand New Imported & Sealed CDs

We are a CD Importer, working with the highest quality CD producers throughout Europe, the U.K. and the Netherlands.We pride ourselves in offering the lowest-priced CD’s anywhere. With a store full of discounted CDs to choose from, you can enjoy your music fix, for a fraction of their retail price.

We Offer The Experience To Boot.

The Owner of CdRhino offers his 25+ years of music experience. Unsure about a CD? Not a problem, get on the horn or send us a message with your question and we will do all you can to 

reply with the information needed. You might find all the information needed within our listing such as the CD’s track list, Country  of origin, genre and the number of discs included. Be our guest – explore and enjoy all the thing  that the Rhino has to offer.

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