Eye To Eye


Eye To Eye

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Album number seven: Eye to Eye has a varied stylistic grasp across its 11 tunes. It wraps the locomotive chug of classic Ian Gillan/Ritchie Blackmore-helmed Deep Purple - seasoned nicely with generous servings of Jon Lord keyboard surge - to some updated glam space boogie power chordage. Dolf comes across like some bastard offspring of Marc Bolan and Alice Cooper (and sounds at time a ringer for Redd Kross’ Jeff McDonald); there are some otherworldly fantastical floating melodies wafting in & out of this selection of tracks, and the Alice sneer & snarl is there on the more heart-pounding tunes. The guitar effects and greater keyboard dosage pepper the tunes with new flavours; let us not forget the contribution here of lead Datsun instrumentalist, Christian Livingstone, who has laboured intently, fine tuning freaked fuzz frequencies and space-age squeal and a host of other soaring dogfighting & dive-bombing tones, for the instrumental breaks and beds of the album. If the tone and attack are the primary responsibilities Mr Livingstone bears, the dynamics and tempo rest in the mitts of them other Datsun three. Guitarist "Windmill" Phil Somervell brings his rhythmic chops & noted arm flailin', to underscore the light & shade of the riffage; Ben "Poundin' Soul" Cole machine guns the rolls, and hits the timing twists & turns when required; Master de Borst locks in his bass walkin', & talkin', stuttering & strutting preposterously on cue.

Artist: Datsuns
Title: Eye To Eye
Genre: Rock
Condition: Brand New/Sealed
Special Feature:
Album Type: CD
Number Of Discs : 1
Origin: Holland
Case Type: Digipak
Status: In-stock, ships in 1-2 business days.
Product Code: 8717931339735

Track List

    • 1. Dehumanise
    • 2. Warped Signals
    • 3. White Noise Machine
    • 4. Sweet Talk
    • 5. Brain To Brain
    • 6. Moongazer
    • 7. Bite My Tongue
    • 8. Raygun
    • 9. Suspicion
    • 10. Other People's Eyes
    • 11. In Record Time


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