Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live In Atlantic City


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live In Atlantic City

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Artist: Lynyrd Skynyrd
Title: Lynyrd Skynyrd - Live In Atlantic City
Condition: Brand New/Sealed
Special Feature:
Album Type: 1/CD + 1/Blu-ray
Number Of Discs : 2
Origin: Germany
Case Type: Digipak
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Track List

    • 1. Workin' For McA
    • 2. Red White and Blue (Love It or Leave)
    • 3. Gimme Three Steps
    • 4. The Real Thing (Feat. Bo Bice)
    • 5. Gimme Back My Bullets (Feat. Bo Bice)
    • 6. Down South Jukin' (Feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
    • 7. Born To Boogie (Feat. Hank Williams Jr.)
    • 8. That Smell (Feat. 3 Doors Down)
    • 9. Kryptonite (Feat. 3 Doors Down)
    • 10. Saturday Night Special (Feat. 3 Doors Down)
    • 11. Call Me the Breeze (With All Special Guests)
    • 12. Sweet Home Alabama (With All Special Guests)
    • 13. Free Bird



Legendary group "Lynyrd Skynyrd: Live In Atlantic City"


"Lynyrd Skynyrd: Live In Atlantic City" documents a singular performance by the legendary Southern rock group, captured on June 23, 2006, at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City during the Decades Rock Live event. The band's timeless energy and expertise are on display in this live CD, which includes a combination of their timeless singles and group performances with well-known guests including Bo Bice, Hank Williams Jr., and 3 Doors Down.


Classic Lynyrd Skynyrd songs


The CD features covers of classic Lynyrd Skynyrd songs, including "Workin' For MCA," "Gimme Three Steps," "Sweet Home Alabama," and the legendary "Free Bird," among others. Several of the songs also have guest artist contributions. Notably, the collaborations add a new dimension to the band's iconic sound; live renditions of songs like "That Smell" with 3 Doors Down and "Down South Jukin'" with Hank Williams Jr. are especially noteworthy.


Best performers of “live in Atlantic city”


"Live in Atlantic City" was released in Germany on September 28, 2018, and is accessible in CD, Blu-ray, and digital formats, letting fans enjoy the performance in the format that best fits their needs. A notable addition to the band's discography, the album has been praised for capturing the cool performances of Lynyrd Skynyrd alongside their talented guest performers. Long-time fans, especially those interested in the limited edition CD/Blu-ray pack in fake leather, should not miss this one.


This live album affirms Lynyrd Skynyrd's status as Southern rock idols by honoring both the band's legendary career and their capacity to forge connections with both new and old fans via the force of live music.

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