Rockabilly Rebels


Rockabilly Rebels

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Artist: Various
Title: Rockabilly Rebels
Condition: Brand New/Sealed
Special Feature: Includes Collectors Metal Tin
Album Type: CD
Number Of Discs : 3
Origin: U.K.
Case Type: Boxset
Status: In-stock, ships in 1-2 business days.
Product Code: 0698458656827

Track List


  • 1.1 Be - Bop 1.2 Race with the Devil (Gene Vincent) 1.3 Pink Thunderbird (Gene Vincent) 1.4 Cruisin' (Gene Vincent) 1.5 Crazy Legs (Gene Vincent) 1.6 Flea Brain (Gene Vincent) 1.7 Double Talkin' Baby (Gene Vincent) 1.8 Who Slapped John? (Gene Vincent) 1.9 Lotta Lovin' (Gene Vincent) 1.10 Blue Jean Bop (Gene Vincent) 1.11 I've Got to Get to You Yet (Gene Vincent) 1.12 Dance to the Bop (Gene Vincent) 1.13 Baby Blue (Gene Vincent) 1.14 Somebody Help Me (Gene Vincent) 1.15 Look What You've Gone and Done to Me (Gene Vincent) 1.16 Who's Pushing Your Swing? (Gene Vincent) 1.17 Right Now (Gene Vincent) 1.18 Brand New Beat (Gene Vincent) 1.19 Frankie and Johnny (Gene Vincent) 1.20 Say Mama (Gene Vincent) 2.1 Let's Have a Party (Wanda Jackson) 2.2 Fujiama Mama (Wanda Jackson) 2.3 Funnel of Love (Wanda Jackson) 2.4 There's a Party Going on (Wanda Jackson) 2.5 Hot Dog That Made Him Mad (Wanda Jackson) 2.6 Rock Your Baby (Wanda Jackson) 2.7 Cool Love (Wanda Jackson) 2.8 Tongue Tied (Wanda Jackson) 2.9 Mean Mean Man (Wanda Jackson) 2.10 Tweedle Dee (Wanda Jackson) 2.11 Honey Bop (Wanda Jackson) 2.12 Long Tall Sally (Wanda Jackson) 2.13 Lost Weekend (Wanda Jackson) 2.14 Hard Headed Woman (Wanda Jackson) 2.15 Baby Loves Him (Wanda Jackson) 2.16 My Baby Left Me (Wanda Jackson) 2.17 Sparklin' Brown Eyes (Wanda Jackson) 2.18 Sticks and Stones (Wanda Jackson) 2.19 Bye Bye Baby (Wanda Jackson) 2.20 Man We Had a Party (Wanda Jackson) 3.1 Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins) 3.2 Dixie Fried (Carl Perkins) 3.3 Boppin' the Blues (Carl Perkins) 3.4 Put Your Cat Clothes on (Carl Perkins) 3.5 Honey Don't (Carl Perkins) 3.6 That Don't Move Me (Carl Perkins) 3.7 Movie Magg (Carl Perkins) 3.8 Matchbox (Carl Perkins) 3.9 I'm Sorry I'm Not Sorry (Carl Perkins) 3.10 Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby (Carl Perkins) 3.11 Her Love Rubbed Off (Carl Perkins) 3.12 All Mama's Children (Carl Perkins) 3.13 Glad All Over (Carl Perkins) 3.14 Tennessee (Carl Perkins) 3.15 Gone, Gone, Gone (Carl Perkins) 3.16 You Can't Make Love to Somebody (Carl Perkins) 3.17 Honky Tonk Gal (Carl Perkins) 3.18 Your True Love (Carl Perkins) 3.19 That's Right (Carl Perkins) 3.20 Roll Over Beethoven (Carl Perkins)


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