The Chris White Experience Presents: Sparrow


The Chris White Experience Presents: Sparrow

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The Chris White Experience series returns with “The Chris White Experience Presents: Sparrow”. In 1975, the band Sparrow were performing to millions as winners of the TV show New Faces. They sang and played their own instruments, wrote songs, and arranged their own beautiful five-part harmonies. In the days of only three terrestrial channels in the UK, prime-time television appearances almost guaranteed exposure to a huge audience; for Sparrow it led to an album deal and a chance to record that album in a major London studio with the Zombies’ Chris White producing. The group members were all experienced professionals, having previously been in the bands Harmony Grass, the Symbols, and Tony Rivers and The Castaways. Working in CBS Studios, they had Mike Moran on the sessions as musical director and a number of guests; Hank Marvin, Jim Rodford and Bob Henrit amongst them. The resulting album featured everything from a full orchestra to stripped-down rock’n’roll harmony numbers. The album was finished, mixed, and presented to the record label. Two singles (‘Oh Doctor’ and ‘Celebration’) were released but didn’t chart, following which the album was shelved. It remained forgotten until last year when it was rediscovered, restored, and remastered for release.

Artist: Sparrow
Title: The Chris White Experience Presents: Sparrow
Genre: Popular
Condition: Brand New/Sealed
Special Feature: includes 20-Page Booklet
Album Type: CD
Number Of Discs : 1
Origin: Holland
Case Type: Jewel Case – Standard
Status: In-stock, ships in 1-2 business days.
Product Code: 0712221349713

Track List

    • 1. Celebration
    • 2. It's Alright Now
    • 3. All My Love
    • 4. Take It Easy
    • 5. Oh Doctor
    • 6. Burning Bridges
    • 7. Amateur Days In the Band
    • 8. Venus
    • 9. Catch Sorrow
    • 10. I'm Afraid
    • 11. Eli's Coming
    • 12. Fifty Fifty
    • 13. She Didn't Forget Her Shoes
    • 14. Love
    • 15. So Far So Good


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